ZIFF2017 Embracing Local and Africa Content

  July 31, 2017

The 19thEdition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF2017) that will be hosted in collaboration with the International Images Film Festival (IIFF), will put the spotlight on local and African films and filmmakers. Of the 200 films received from 42 countries, 30 are from Zimbabwe, confirming the local film sector’s coming of age and setting the stage for its imminent transformation into an industry.

Themed ‘The Business of Film’, the Festival will run from 26 August to 2 September with specific focus on the local film industry to help elevate budding filmmakers who are already producing fantastic works. The objective is to help transform them from mere artists to entrepreneurs in the business of film.

“There has been an increase in local film submissions this year, signifying a watershed moment in the growth of Zimbabwe’s film sector “, said Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT) Executive Director, Mr. Nigel Munyati.

The local film sector is enjoying a rapid increase in productivity and if nurtured well, will achieve the breakthrough that Zimbabwe needs to establish a film industry that can be one of the best in Africa.

“Given the rate at which Zimbabweans are now producing film, the local film sector will soon evolve into an industry and we are now at that critical moment where we can actually see the Zimbabwean film industry taking shape. That is why ZIFF2017 is focusing much on it this year”, The rapid growth of the local film sector can be attributed to institutions such as ZIFTESSA, MSU, WFOZ, and ZIFFT; through their various programmes and workshops that have played a pivotal educational role in these developments.

“ The key is to make sure that budding filmmakers are given the support that they need through programmes such as ZIFFT’s Film Forum (FF), Outreach to Educate (o2e), the Short Film Project and, the Hi-5 short film competition ’, said Mr. Munyati..


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ZIFF2017 Embracing Local and Africa Content


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