ZIFFT and Alliance Française to launch The Smartphone Short Film Competition 2018

  April 18, 2018

The Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust (ZIFFT) in partnership with Alliance Française Zimbabwe are launching a Smartphone Short Film Competition. Themed “Being Zimbabwean”, the competition which is focused on Zimbabwe’s youth aged 16 to 34 is a platform for them to freely express their inner voice, and contribute to an all-important national discourse.


DEADLINE: Entrants must submit their films by midnight Wednesday 23rd May 2018


The competition will be launched on Thursday 12 April at the Alliance Française de Harare at 328 Herbert Chitepo Avenue, and run for 45 days, with the winners will be announced on 27 May.

It will challenge youth from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to test their filmmaking craft by creating a short film of not more than 4 minutes long, using their smartphones. It has been conceived to give back to the youth their voice at this very critical stage in Zimbabwe’s contemporary history. With their voice back, the youth and are now free to talk about socio-economic issues that impact their lives today, and pave the way for their future.

Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust Executive Director Mr. Nigel Munyati urged the youth to participate in this competition citing that the Zimbabwean youth should stand up and talk about who they are and what their aspirations are. A major condition is that the films must be apolitical and non-religious.

‘This is an opportunity for the youth to express how they feel about being Zimbabwean and also express ideas that help shape their future because a lot of the decisions being made today will affect them in the future’, he said.

The Smartphone Short Film Competition has received a major boost from sponsorship support by the youth oriented Elevate, and many of Zimbabwe’s public, private, and community radio stations. To access the Terms & Conditions and the Application Form please visit any of the following:

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