ZIFFT and ELEVATE to curate Documentary Filmmaking Project at ZIFF2017

  August 9, 2017

The Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (ZIFFT) in partnership with ELEVATE is inviting film makers to submit documentary story ideas for a documentary workshop to be conducted during the 19th Edition of the Zimbabwe International Film Festival in Kensington, Harare.


ZIFFT will combine two of its programmes, the Film Forum (FF), its training and development arm that offers filmmakers and film enthusiasts the opportunity to learn new techniques in film and video production, and to discuss issues pertaining to film; and the Short Film Project (SFP), an initiative that identifies aspiring filmmakers and develops their skills as dynamic creative learning and execution project.


In keeping with this year’s theme, ‘The Business of Film’  ZIFFT and ELEVATE will curate a rigorous and intensive Documentary Film Project Management Workshop with fifteen selected aspiring film makers aged between 20-35 years. Three most engaging and promising documentary story ideas will be selected and the fifteen young filmmakers will be divided into three teams of 5 and work on the productions. Stimulus Hub will conduct the Workshop, MMX Rental will provide the equipment and technical support, with ZIFFT supervising the production. The documentaries will be screened at ZIFF2018.


The intensive workshop will offer aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to learn documentary filmmaking techniques to improve the quality of their productions.


Interested filmmakers should submit their story ideas to festival@zifft.org before 26 August.


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