August 31, 2017

Zimbabwe’s South African based actor and voice artist Chiedza Mhende is set to walk local filmmakers through her journey in film industry at the Film Forum and Awards & Closing Night this Saturday. Chi will give a speech and present an award at the Awards & Closing Night and hold a Brunch Workshop. With particular emphasis on actors, the workshop will follow The Business of Film theme, to shed more light on how filmmakers can become more professional in practicing their craft.

This engaging workshop will be presented in collaboration with Almasi Collaborative Arts, and local filmmakers and film enthusiasts are urged to attend this ideal platform for networking, learning and exchange ideas. Almasi Collaborative Arts Associate District Director, Zaza Muchemwa, urged local filmmakers to attend the workshop as it will equip them with some of the tools that can assist them in maintaining their voice in the global trade as Africans.

“This workshop is a must attend because she will be talking about her career in the South Africa’s creative industry, the training she got, the collaborations that assisted her to get where she is and steps that one can take to venture into the SA industry,” said Miss Muchemwa.

ZIFFT Executive Director Nigel Munyati reiterated the need for aspiring filmmakers to attend the robust workshop so as to grasp important concepts on professional filmmaking.

“She will be presenting on what aspiring actors need to do to become more professional, and how directors, cinematographers and writers can connect better with the actor”, he said.

Popularly known as ‘Chi’, the Generations: The Legacy star plays a male role in the soapie. She is also the voice of ‘Siyaya’ and Al Jazeera’s global health series ‘Lifelines’. Other film and television credits include Evil in our midst by the late Anopa Makaka.

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